Starr ellis


I’m Starr Ellis, a 32 year old body piercing specialist of 15 years, proprietor of Nine Moons Piercing, and member of the Association of Professional Piercers. I am from the Southwest and spent more than half my life living on a cattle ranch. In my younger years I assisted the local veterinarian and quickly became obsessed with microbiology and anatomy. My mother always had a passion for sewing. She owned a company where she designed and made cowboy boots by hand, and also did needle point and crocheting. She taught me sewing at the age of five. I learned how to guide a needle virtually without having to look at it. She had multiple ear piercings and one tattoo; I wasn’t interested in tattooing until I was 18, but I loved her piercings.

My initial interest in piercing began in 1998. I began to think about other places besides my earlobes to pierce, and quickly began piercing my own lips and nostrils, among other things. The first I performed on myself was my right nostril, which I still wear jewelry in today. In 2004 I started piercing professionally at Majestik Tattoo (now Sacred Art). Afterward, I moved to Maggie Maye’s Tattoo Studio, and finally The Painted Lady in Tucson, Arizona.

I take any opportunity possible to learn different styles and take new information from any piercer willing to offer it to me. I moved to New York in September 2010 to work at Pure Body Arts/Sacred Tattoo and bought and changed the name to Nine Moons Piercing. I’ve never been happier with clientele and my piercing skills are forever improving.

I am certified in blood borne pathogens, CPR, and first aid. Every year I attend the Association of Professional Piercers conference and take every seminar I can. I also take any course or seminar related to sterilization, materials, anatomy, etc that I can find. I strive to give our clients the safest, most sterile, and pleasant experience possible.